About the Artist - Born in Amchit, Lebanon, Jean Lahoud completed his education at the Academy of Fine Arts of St. Esprit University, where he obtained a Master of Architecture in 1982 with Distinction. Jean has always been passionate about fine arts, and painting in particular. In 1987, he traveled to Ecuador where he stayed for six years and elevated his painting skills to a professional level.

View on Art - In his opinion, painting must be different from reality, which can be easily captured in snapshots. It is essentially a field of mysterious entities and abstract concepts hidden in the artist's mind. Jean feels that painting is a reflection of one's inner thoughts and visions expressed using the language of the arts, whereby the artist projects the image of a new situation, creature, or world onto a canvas. A painting can be compared to a dream, highly imaginative and rich in twisted realism.


life in motion     portraits     everyday scenes     voyage memoirs



photos a l'huile     byblos     travel     village life     walls     winter motion     NYC


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